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Gestión de Proyectos

Project management

Improves team coordination and communication, integrates email, allows resource allocation, planning and task control, records user hours of dedication, and tracks budget and potential deviations.



Planning of the entire organization and of each of the projects in an interrelated manner. Plan based on tasks and workload of each resource. Kanban and Gantt model of each project. Facilitates the delegation of tasks and teamwork. Creation of task templates.

Gestión documental

Document management

Allows you to have all company documentation in a single repository accessible at any time, from anywhere, and on any device, with maximum security. We are backed by more than 20 years of experience with data prevention and recovery systems.

RR.HH. y gestión de personas

HR and personnel management

Allows the management of personnel selection and hiring processes. Management of the company’s work calendars and vacations. It has tools to track personnel deployed to the client’s home. Management by worker objectives, training management, and access control. It allows each worker to have access to their work documentation.

Facturación y contabilidad

Billing and accounting

Preparation and monitoring of budgets. Quickly generate and send sales invoices and record purchase invoices. Integrates data with accounting, forecasting and monitoring of collections, payments and treasury.

Facturación<br />

Electronic billing

Manages the manufacturing of unitary elements or small series. Monitoring of purchases, receipt of materials, stock control, warehouse management by project, consumption control and launch of work orders.

Control económico

Financial control

It allows you to track project budget deviations in real time for CONEIX, the margin of each project and the forecast of the final result of the project from its beginning.

Gestión de clientes

Customer Management

It allows all data on current and potential clients to be unified and updated, allowing segmentation and the definition of specific campaigns for each client. It allows you to record and analyze business opportunities, plan and track the sales team in a simple and organized way. It allows you to prepare budgets and carry out commercial and execution monitoring.

Calidad y ticketing

Quality and ticketing

Facilitates the incorporation of ISO work procedures into the day-to-day life of the organization. Allows you to lighten the workload involved in quality management. Systematize incident management and suggestions for improvement.



Allows control of stocks and references in a system of multiple warehouses. It allows you to manage manufacturing processes with batch traceability.

Reporting BI

BI Reporting

CONEIX uses Tableau as a reporting and BI tool. It allows each person to have a dashboard with the main indicators of the procedures for which they are responsible. Each indicator allows defining objectives and measuring deviations from these objectives.

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Coneix is a customized ERP software solution for engineering companies that will allow you to improve the management and productivity of your projects, reduce operating costs and increase the competitiveness of your business.

Specialized ERP for engineering and architecture firms


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