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The tool that makes your job easier

It is the business management program that adapts to the way you manage your business. Its structure of modules allows it to be applied to the entire company or in some functional areas.

ERP with all the functionalities 


It centralises your relationship with customers, enabling you to follow up on business opportunities and create quotes. It unifies the contact database of your organisation.

Project Management

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It improves team communication. It allows you to assign resources, to plan and monitor tasks, to log hours, to follow up on budgets and deviations, and to manage the documentation of the project. It allows you to track the margin of your projects with one click.


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It allows the planning of the entire office and the interrelated management of all your projects. It allows you to plan on the basis of assignments and or tasks, and to track the workload planned for each resource. It allows you to use the Kanban model and to view the Gantt chart of each project. It facilitates the assignment of tasks and teamwork. It allows the creation of task templates.

KPI & BI (Business Intelligence)

CONEIX incorporates TABLEAU as a BI tool. It allows you to have personalised dashboards and scorecards for each job position and to ensure that all decisions are made on the basis of accurate information in real time.

Billing and accounting

It allows you to enter billing forecasts, to set up recurring billing and to generate good cash flow forecasts. It streamlines the billing process and the follow-up of payments and suppliers. It allows you to work with an external administrative consultancy or integrates your accounting.

Financial control

It centralises the entire administrative management of your organisation. It allows each person to directly access the information they need without interrupting the administration team.

HR & People Management

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It integrates all the necessary functionalities for the management of your team: management of the company’s work calendars, including holidays and leave. Control of overtime, control of access, control of contracts. It allows the management of the team based on objectives, and the conducting of satisfaction surveys. It allows each worker access to their employment documentation (payslips, contracts, etc.). It allows the management of personnel selection and contracting processes.

Document management

It allows all the documentation of the company to be kept in a single repository. It includes the management of versions, the control of access to documents or the management of deliverables and document expiry date notifications.

Quality assurance and ticketing

It allows the management of your customers’ incidents and tickets. It facilitates the incorporation of ISO work procedures in the day-to-day running of your organisation. It allows you to lighten the workload involved in the management of quality assurance.

Warehouse management

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For managing the manufacture of elements on a unit-by-unit basis or in small series. It allows the monitoring of purchases, the reception of materials, the control of stock, project-by-project warehouse management, the control of consumption and the release of work orders.


A partner leader in advance solutions of
Business Management

CONEIX is a DOP (Digital Operation Platform), the new wave of ERP solutions

Adaptive and accessible. CONEIX brings together all your processes with the speed and flexibility necessary for the digital era.

We’ll be with you every step of the way

At Coneix our priority are people and we take a long-term view in how we approach our relationship with customers, team members, partners and suppliers.

We are a multidisciplinary, dynamic, innovative and customer-focused team. Thanks to a proven track record in business management and web development stretching back to 2002, we can offer a product tailored to the needs of our customers, helping them to optimise their results.

We strive to increase our customers’ expectations and to successfully meet the competitive challenges posed by the current environment.



Coneix was born in 2002 as a joint commission of 4 engineering firms and 2 Technological Innovation centers in Catalonia to program software that would allow the knowledge of these organizations to be recorded and optimally managed. Already at that time Coneix conceived the tool as 100% web, even before the word "cloud" were used in the computing field!

Coneix has been growing over the years together with its customers, especially engineering companies, architecture firms, and professional services companies.

Judit Coll. Coneix Partner. Business Development Manager


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