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CONEIX is a multidisciplinary, dynamic, innovative and client focused team. Our experience in business management and web programming since 2002 allows us to offer a product adapted to the needs of our customers, helping them optimizing their results.

In CONEIX people come first, and we take a long-term approach in our relationship with customers, team and partners, as well as suppliers.

We grow with our customers and their teams, working together to solve the competitive challenges issued in the current environment.

Our job is making our customers’ expectations grow.

Contributors CONEIX

Coneix Project Management S.L. takes part as a founding member of IDEAS2VALUE . Ideas2value is an open innovation hub born in Barcelona.
Coneix Project Management S.L. takes part of CEQUIP Partner. The CEQUIP is the cluster of manufacturers of capital goods Catalonia.
Coneix Project Management S.L. collaborates with the Technical University of Catalonia, giving them the right to use our software for their subject of Engineering Projects.
Coneix Project Management S.L. Collaborates with Esteve Terrades Secondary School, giving them the right to use our software for their education cycle of Mechatronics.
Coneix Project Management S.L. is part of the Innovative SMEs network, subsidiary organ of the Directorates General of Innovation and Competitiveness of the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry.
Coneix Project Management S.L. Is a beneficiary of public funding under the Talent Promotion and Employability State Programme, included in the Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research State Programme 2013-2016
Coneix Project Management SL is part, as a partner, of the PIMEC Institution (Micro, small and medium enterprise of Catalonia).