On what should you base your evaluation of CRM?

Posted on 10 de May del 2017

There are many factors to be taken into account at the time of choosing to work with a CRM. There are obvious ones that all companies consider- speed of installation, ease of use…

But there are other elements that also need to be looked at, as they are very important in most cases, and stay in the background. These are:

– What tasks do we need to optimize with the CRM?
The tasks and processes which are normally carried out need to be analyzed in order to choose the tool which best adapts to all our needs. This also implies the support of the team. They must be open to change, and not see the CRM system as a threat, but an aid to productivity.

– What data do we need our CRM to give us?
We need to know what we want our CRM to have, what data we want it to give us in order to further develop our businesses and help us in our planning.

– Updating the CRM
This is paramount. If our company advances in line with the changes in the sector to which we are dedicated, our CRM must also do so. It must advance at the same time, update itself with new functions etc. The user must also inform the system of improvements or problems the CRM might have in order to achieve this optimization.

In Coneix we take all these aspects into account. Which is why we meet our current or potential customers face-to-face. We are interested in the use they make of our software and the questions or problems they might have with it, in order to continuously improve.

Have you got what it takes to try it?

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