Do you know the many advantages of working with Coneix?

Posted on 6 de March del 2017

Our CRM system will give you a countless number of advantages. You will see that you and your team’s productivity will increase significantly. At Coneix we are convinced of this and, for this reason, we work from day to day to improve our system, extend functions and make our CRM tool much more complete.

One of our main objectives is to facilitate the difficult task of managing your business, so here are the main advantages of working with such a complete and quality CRM like Coneix:

  • Access to all information of your company or clients anytime, anywhere: having a tool that allows you to have all the information you need at your fingertips at any time is a very important thing. You can access all the data you need without having to be physically in your office and with total security.
  • Your organization will be excellent: It will make management vastly easier, and will significantly optimise your time and your team time. A complete CRM like Coneix, will allow you to have all the tasks to be carried out localized and assigned. You’ll have at your disposal platform with all the information you need for developing different tasks.
  • Saving resources: You won’t have different tools for each of the daily tasks of your business. Therefore, you will pay for just one platform.
  • Continuous analysis of your business: If you need to know at any time how your business is doing, you can get data for your assessment in a fast, simple and clear way. You can extract metrics, diagrams… From your customers or from your projects and  all the associated billing. You can take stock immediately.

Having a complete tool such as Coneix provides your company with a big step forward towards the optimal development of your work and all your team. Get the most out of your business!

To know more about Coneix, please contact our sales department by e-mail:, or by phone 93 589 85 80